Digital interventions

Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden, Tanawha


Spirit of Maroochy garden

Maroochy Bushland Garden is one of those delightful little gems that even the locals don’t necessarily know about. There is the bushland , and there is the more formal garden and this work tries to combine them both using a bit of camera trickery and Photoshop.

Buderim Forest Park

There are two walks into the Buderim Forest Park. The steep walk down to Serenity Falls, or the longer walk to the falls along the boardwalk. I took the steep route the first time I went there – no problems getting down to the falls, but it was a effort to get back up. Age is catching up to me and I’ll stick to the boardwalk in the future! I hope my photographs capture some of the magic of this delightful area right on the edge of the town of Buderim.

Isabella and the pelican


A digital montage from three States. My granddaughter Isabella (a few years back) on a Gold Coast beach, Qld; a fine day at Kemps Beach, Yeppoon, Qld; a fierce storm on the Hay Plains, NSW and a Kangaroo Island pelican, S.A.

Natural Arch


One of the really great things about Natural Arch in Springbrook National Park – apart from it’s beauty – is that it is a short walk from the carpark!