A beautiful blur

Clarity isn’t everything. Freeman Patterson wrote a book once – and I forget the name of it – but it did instill the attraction of a blur into me.

Horse of a different colour

I love using my Nikon D800 to blur images – either by waving the camera around in some manner or using long shutter speeds while taking a shot of a moving object. I recently  discovered that I can use the motion blur in Photoshop to create the same effect on an existing photograph, and definitely like that I have a bit more control and can be selective on what is blurred and what isn’t.



Water flow

Sometimes the smallest of things or ideas can make a pleasing photograph. The other day I was at a friend’s property – basically chook sitting. While my husband fed the chooks I explored along the creek that runs down from Montville and forms a waterfall and pond on the way. I was intrigued about the flow of the water, so took some photographs as a shallow layer of water flowed across the rocks. The leaves give the photo some dimension – but, basically there was not too much dimension to start with.


Distant Shores

Distant Shores was a finalist in the 2015 Beyton Award at the Rockhampton Art Gallery.

Safe Passage

Paradise lost, paradise regained

This work related to the Australian Ibis in the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. It also won first prize for Photography and Digital Art at the Emerald Art Awards in 2011.